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STIN is a result of incredible dedication and daily effort. Perfection in not in Taste alone, but connected to the most Powerful Technology of the Future - Blockchain.

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bottle of STIN Gin

Premium Gin, Premium Control

The STIN – Styrian Gin Distiller's Cut is an exceptional and intense distillate, with a special spicy note and is produced in limited quantities. Only 999 bottles will be available. And not one more.

You can check all data yourself through the power of blockchain technology with our The STIN App. Just download it and scan your bottle.


One bottle, One chip

We use an Infineon powered contactless crypto-chip which has a uniquely created public-private keypair stored on it. In the labeling process, this chip is implemented carefully by hand on the bottle in a way that can’t be manipulated afterwards.

Infineon powered contactless chip

True Limitation

Due to the signature of the chip, anybody can check the limited edition of 999 bottles on a public blockchain. The list which includes all bottles ever produced is stored securely on the ICON blockchain.

Verifiable on Public Blockchain

octagon-deco octagon-deco octagon-deco octagon-deco

We strongly believe in transparent and open ecosystems. By combining NFC and blockchain technology we build upon these ecosystems and provide highest security possible at the same time.

Stin gin Versiegelung

The seal. A sign of highest quality

Stin Gin Verschnürung

Natural corks. Another sign of the high quality standards

Sammlung von stin gin flaschen

How it works

1 Manufacturer creates Keypair

On each chip a new highly-secure public-private keypair is generated, before the chip is placed on one of the 999 bottles.

2 Public keys gets published on Blockchain

Prior to the start of the sale, a list with all the public keys of the bottles is written on the Blockchain. Immutable forever.

3 Customer uses App to scan the Chip

With the help of our The STIN App the customer can scan the chip on his bottle and ensure the authenticity of the bottle.

4 Transparent and Open

When the scan succeeds we also provide a link to a public block explorer. In this way the customer does not have to rely on our services.


Stin Gin Flasche


The STIN Distiller’s Cut

Variety is the spice of life. This is why there are different kinds of STIN. One for staying classy and one for going strong, one for sweet dreams and one for moments you wanna feel special – which you will when tasting our Distiller's Cut. Not just because it comes in a limited edition, but because it's an unusually intensive gin, even more aromatic than the other. The Distiller's Cut is made for a distinguished taste, distinguishing itself through a main ingredient: Organic pears from our gardens in Southern Styria replace the apples we use otherwise. The rest stays the same: Elderflower from Eastern Styria, juniper, oranges – it's 28 botanicals we distill in a copper kettle and a small batch – make for a fine diversity of flavours. The pears add individual notes. In every one of the 999 available bottles, a true limitation. Naturally without limits when it comes to taste.


Elderflower ist the imporant ingredient from eastern styria


The main ingredient:
Pears from our gardens in southern styria

Orange harvest

These folks made it possible

block42 envisions a world of shared prosperity and is eager to bring blockchain technology to mass adoption. Together with their strong partner Infineon as hardware provider, high security blockchain solutions can be provided. The STIN is outstandingly high performing in their field of activity. With our combined knowledge about premium gin distillation and blockchain technology we crafted a high-quality product that we wouldn’t have dared to imagine in the first place. We are proud to deliver The STIN Distiller’s Cut in a way that proves how a limited edition should be done in the 21st century.